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  • Anne Smith

Top 3 Tips For a Stressfree Event

We often don’t celebrate or gather together because it just seems to stressful and overwhelming to put something together. Here are 3 tips I’ve learned that have helped me keep my cool when planning an event.

One. Plan Ahead!

Look, I’m actually the worst at this. I’m much more of a fly by the seat of my pants, plan the morning of type of girl. But that mentality almost always comes back to bite me in the pants when I’m hosting an event of my own and I end up running to the store 5x that day, sweating profusely as I’m arranging my house, and cursing myself for having the bright idea to throw this shindig in the first place!

Two. Recognize Your Limits

Listen, I am a sucker for gorgeous flower arrangements. You know the ones I’m talking about cuz you pin them to your flower boards too. But, I am no floral designer! Recently I tried to arrange really cool centerpieces for a dinner I was throwing and again I was doing this last minute (see above). It just wasn’t coming together and I was shooting myself for not keeping to what I knew I could do well which was pick one color, one flower and go from there.

photo by susan lowe and flowers by ruth pitt

Three. Outsource

I am not a baker. Never have been. After too many times of pulling that cake, that pie, or those cookies out of the oven and having my son look at it and give me that “you’re not gonna serve that are you?” look, I’ve decided to pay up and get my desserts from my area’s best bakers. I get to support and promote fellow small business owners and my guests get to enjoy baked to perfection deliciousness. Win/Win I say.

So, for the next time you’re planning that perfect soiree make sure you plan ahead, know your limitations, and outsource that thing you hate doing. Happy Celebrating!